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Check (and control) your Mac fans with this free utility

Macs (computers in general) do not have at least one fan to help refresh their internal components. They are activated according to various temperature sensors spread across the hardware.

Our tip today is a free utility for macOS that lets the user just check how their fans are doing. With Macs Fan Control, you see in real time how many RPM the fans are spinning on, and on the right side you can still check the temperature of various internal components of your Mac.

The maybe “political” part of the app that it also lets you control the fans. The point here is that if you don't know exactly what you are doing, it can cause serious problems for your Mac (especially if it determines a lower than required RPM). So don't play with it for nothing; On the other hand, if you understand the issue, you can make it work with your computer at lower than normal temperatures and thereby improve its performance.

There are two direct consequences of adjusting the fans for more than the Mac would normally work: higher noise (which may or may not bother you) and higher power consumption than not a problem for an iMac, for example, which has no battery. Keep this in mind, because by default Mac's System Management Controller (SMC) precisely tries to balance all of these factors to the best of its ability.

Macs Fan Control can rotate in the macOS menu bar and optionally display the speed of a fan and / or the temperature of a particular sensor you choose.

The free utility has versions for MacOS and Windows (Boot Camp), and is translated into numerous languages ​​including Portuguese, from both Brazil and Portugal.