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Cheap Calls | AndroidPIT

If there is one thing that everyone agrees with is not having a phone bill with astronomical values. Most large carriers offer super-convenient rates, but more often than not small operators risk proposing unbeatable rates. Follow our review today to find out if Cheap Calls is an app that can offer inviting prices.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy S3Android Android: 4.0.4Root: SimMods: None

A necessary requirement to install Cheap Calls is to login or then sign up. As a welcome gift, you will get 0.50 cents of credit to your phone. The user interface closely resembles the default Android app for making phone calls, with one more thing: an account tab. It shows your credit and a code that you send to your contacts so that they can get a certain amount of credits as bonuses.

You can still load your app through Pay Pal and there is of course a minimum / maximum limit. There are options ranging from 5 to 100. If you charge 50 euros, for example, the app even offers you a bonus of 5 euros.

A great feature is that only the contacts you have in your phone number will be displayed. On the other hand, a negative aspect is that your favorite contacts are not displayed, which means that you must manually recreate the list of your favorite contacts. The good thing about Cheap Calls is that you can make international calls with him. But one important thing: Because they're contacts you don't call often, they won't appear on your list.

How it works: call a certain number. This will be sent to the Cheap Calls service. Your device calls a local number through which you contact your friend or contact. You will finally pay the price of a local fixed call.

Conclusion:The Cheap Calls beautiful, simple and compact. It does what it promises and is easy to use. The audio quality is better compared to other VOIP services and the app does not consume so much battery.

Screen & Controls

The controls of Cheap Calls are simple, also because the operation of the app is very similar to the standard Android phone app. The graphic is a bit old, but we don't think this is a problem. After all, no one is overly concerned with the graphic design of the app when its function is to make phone calls.

Speed ​​& Stability

Cheap Calls did very well during our test batteries. The calls started very quickly.

Price / Performance Ratio

Cheap Calls are available on the AndroidPIT App Center and rates are very convenient with respect to other carriers.