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ChatStats Brazilian App Generates Statistics for Your WhatsApp Groups

Ah, the indefectables WhatsApp Messenger groups: From entertaining digital spaces, to gathering friends and family to stages of titanic conflict and fake news broadcasting machines, I can't deny that they arouse intense feelings in people. But what if you had a way of quantifying the frantic activity of your groups? Well, now you can propose the application Chatstats, developed by the Brazilian Rodrigo Arajo.

ChatStats app icon

With the app, you can connect your account to an easy-to-use and fun statistics calculator. There are 22 different metrics that can be calculated by the application; among them, the users who send the most messages, photos, videos or voice clips, who write the most characters or emojis and who most fill the group with links from the internet.

It is also possible to have a clearer view of the activity trends of each group, with an analysis of the days of the week or the busiest hours of the day. On the home screen, a list displays details of each of your groups, such as the number of messages and photos shared, and the number of members.

The coolest part about each of the requested statistics generates an image ready to be shared directly with the group in question; This way you can tell your findings right away to your teammates. It is good to note that the app does not store any information of your conversations all immediately deleted after processing the information.

ChatStats is available for free on the App Store, but its free version has only a few of the statistics generation parameters; To unlock the app's 22 functions, simply make an internal purchase of R $ 8. 😉