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ChangeWave survey shows consumers want to spend more on laptops

Nearly a quarter of potential PC buyers strongly rate the purchase of a netbook, according to results released this week from a ChangeWave Research survey of 3,231 consumers in the United States. The number jumped from 14% to 18% to 23%, respectively, in January, February and March this year.

ChangeWave Research

The great news for manufacturers already consolidated in the netbook market, which today are greatly benefited by the global economic crisis. Acer, for example, sold 5 million Aspire One netbooks in 2008 and predicts a total of 10-12 million in 2009. Considering the entire PC market, it is now in third place in sales, fighting very hard with HP and ASUS .

Although Apple has not yet plunged into this “cheaper notebook” segment, the trend is also favorable to it, as it currently sells more laptops than desktops. In addition, recent rumors point to the arrival of more affordable Macs, probably targeting this group of potential consumers.

ChangeWave Research

When asked about the computer they intend to buy, 29% of respondents pointed to a Ma model one percentage point less in relation to February, but one more in relation to January.

(Via: Apple 2.0.)