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Chainfire: Lollipop Device Root Does Not Need Custom Kernel

Chainfire, the developer of the almighty SuperSU, has released a beta version of the application and, among the improvements, it is no longer necessary to use a custom kernel to have administrative access of your Android running with Lollipop. However, before leaving for the whole book, consider that this is a beta version, and as well remembered by the developer himself: There are chances that you could damage your phone's operating system and boot up.

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Chainfire: Lollipop Root Devices No Longer Need Modified Kernel! / ANDROIDPIT

With beta available, Chainfire is looking for testers that can prove that the app really works. If you are interested, you will need to flash to the stock version and then root again using the new beta. Apparently, the method used to root the device without the kernel is more invasive than before and for this reason it gives error.

The good news is that if all goes as planned, SuperSU may be updated in the Play Store soon. Remember that if your device is rooted, Android 5.0 Lollipop will not be able to receive OTA updates unless you revert root.

And, does Chainfire overcome this challenge any more? What are you doing to get root access to your Android after the Lollipop update?

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