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Cetus Play – One of the best Apps for you to control your Android TV Box

Android TV Box remotes generally don't bring you the best experience possible. Of course, there are some models that will deliver very good experiences, but the most affordable ones usually have a "half-mouth" control. For this there is Cetus Play, let's know it better?

I always talk to readers of the blog and the social media channel and often through the comments we get some debate, at least whenever possible I stop by to exchange some ideas with you.

One of the subjects that I was talking to guys l from Diolinux Facebook group They were more practical ways to operate the TV Boxes.

When it comes to experience and usability, some models like this one from Xiaomi are simply "perfect":

However, there are many others that give you a generic control that doesn't even bring you these facilities, which is a shame, since often these TV Boxes have excellent hardware and low prices, especially in these less popular brands, like this one:

Luckily in the Android world there are a lot of apps that can help us improve this, even launcher switching can be an option, but searching a bit I found the Cetus Play, It's an App that turns your Smartphone into a remote control for your TV Box and is far less drastic than changing the launcher, especially for those who are laymen on the subject.

Contacting the Devs I was able to test the App in Premium mode, but in the end I realized that there is no difference using the free App or Premium. Apart from the ads that appear, the functionality is exactly the same.

The Cetus Play

To better understand how the App works I made a special video, check it out now and see what cool and practical usability:

You can download the App for free from the Google Play Store by simply Click here.

To use Cetus Play on your Android TV Box you need to install the App on both your Smartphone and TV Box, so you will have better integration.

Leave both on the same Wi-Fi network for everything to work properly and follow the instructions I showed on the video.

As shown on the video, remember to enable the Cetus Play keyboard on your TV Box, so you can use your smartphone to type and search.

Cetus play

Among the various layouts With the available control options, the default should serve you without any problems, for Apps that are not optimized for control, you can use the "AirMouse" mode, which turns your Smartphone into a kind of touchpad and displays a cursor on the screen. your TV, so it's easy to manipulate certain apps, like Netflix, when this App isn't optimized for your TV Box, like Mi Box, of course.

And, did you like the tip? What are your favorite Apps to run on an Android TV Box?

See you next time!

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