Razer Kishi, joystick for iPhones and Android smartphones

CES: Razer announces new Nintendo Switch style joysticks for iPhones

We‚Äôve been talking about it for over a week, but the truth is that Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, the largest electronics fair in the world, just started today in Las Vegas. In other words, the flow of news is greater than ever ‚Äď and the Razer, darling brand of gamers, is in that cake.

The manufacturer today announced the Kishi, one joystick for mobile devices with versions for iPhones and Android devices. The model dedicated to Apple smartphones, specifically, has a certificate MFi ‚Äď which means it can connect to the devices‚Äô Lightning port and receive power from them, instead of relying on its own battery and a Bluetooth connection (like most accessories of this type).

The Kishi design will be familiar to anyone who has ever used a joystick for mobile devices (or a Nintendo Switch): here we have two parts that separate and, connected by a rear strap, connect to both sides of the smartphone (horizontally); when not in use, the accessory takes on a very compact shape. Here we have the traditional scheme of joysticks, with two analog controls, a directional one and the ABXY buttons, in addition to the four upper triggers and function buttons.

Razer Kishi, joystick for iPhones and Android smartphones

The accessory was created in partnership with Gamevice, manufacturer of gaming accessories, to ensure maximum compatibility with smartphones and ‚Äúzero latency‚ÄĚ in button response. The version of Kishi for iPhones supports models from the 6 until the 11 Pro Max; the Android smartphone model has a USB-C connector and accepts any smartphone with this type of input.

Razer has not yet released the price of the Kishi, but said the joystick will be released later this early 2020. Did you like it?

via MacRumors