CES 2021: Event will be held exclusively in digital format due to the COVID-19 pandemic

After making it known in early June that the 2021 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show would be back in Las Vegas with new rules to avoid the risk of spreading and contending with COVID-19, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) reveals that, after all, the event will take place exclusively in the digital world.

CTA advances in a statement that, due to the pandemic, tens of thousands of people cannot be safely gathered in Las Vegas. A fully digital CES 2021 will allow the technological community to share ideas and make new products known in a safer way, explains the organization of the event. The physical return to Las Vegas is scheduled for 2022.

In June, CTA had already announced that, in line with some of the technological events that took place in the context of a pandemic, CES 2021 would have several sessions available through live online transmissions.

The exhibition of new products is one of the highlights of CES, and the event organizer promises to keep the typical revelations, but through a virtual showroom, where the participants will be able to explore technological innovations according to their interests. Networking was also not forgotten and it will be possible to interact digitally with the technological companies present.

It should be recalled that in January, months before the World Health Organization declared the state of a global pandemic, CES 2020, where SAPO TEK was present, brought together more than 175,000 participants. In addition to being a stage for the presentation of new technologies, the event plays an important role in boosting the local economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic is leading to the cancellation or restructuring of numerous technological events, such as the Web Summit. In June, Paddy Cosgrave on Twitter that the event taking place in Lisbon was going to have a physical component, but the organization announced that the conference will take place in two ways, with the online platform guaranteeing support for up to 100 thousand participants. The exhibition and physical conferences have yet to be "validated" by the authorities in October, and are conditioned to the evolution of the pandemic.

The date of the event will change to December, almost a month later than planned for the event that in recent years brings to Lisbon around 90 thousand entrepreneurs between days. The new dates are between 2 and 4 December, in a model that is also shorter than the four days that the conference normally occupies.