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CES 2020: TCL launches line of 8K and 4K QLED TVs with cinema technology

TCL announced at CES 2020 its new line of QLED TVs with 8K resolution and cinematic experience; check out the models

Are you worried about how to make the most of the graphic quality of your favorite games from PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X? THE TCL announced during the CES 2020, your new smart TVs QLED with 8K and 4K resolutions with stamp IMAX Enhanced, which provides a cinema experience to the content shown on TV. The products make up the premium line X Series and Cityline, with great emphasis on the X915, a QLED 8K up to 75 inches.

Homemade IMAX

TCL X915 8K, the most powerful model announced (Reproduction: TCL)TCL X915 8K, the most powerful model announced (Reproduction: TCL)

THE Q9 LED TV the most complete launch of the X series so far. Available in 75 and 65 inch 8K and technologies Quantum Dot Display (semiconductor nanocrystals that produce pure RGB light) and Dolby Vision (dynamic metadata for each scene shown), smart TV images will have an even greater fidelity of brightness and contrast.

For having panel QLED, O X915 employs local dimming technology, allowing precise backlight control to provide enhanced contrast and ultra-vivid images. The 8K model equipped with a dedicated image and sound processor, allowing the TV to produce the process of upscaling of lower quality content to 8K without loss of quality.

Regarding sound quality, the TV accompanied by the immersive audio of Onkyo and technology Dolby Atmos, both experts in cinema-worthy sound, used by most networks in the world.

IMAX Enhanced provides 25% more content (Reproduction: TCL)IMAX Enhanced provides 25% more content (Reproduction: TCL)

But the great highlight of the 8K model the seal IMAX Enhanced, which proposes to transport the spectator to an IMAX cinematic experience, taking the technology to the living room, that is, expanded screen ratio, better audio and image quality. An example of a recent 4K HDR release, with such technology, Spider-Man: Far From Home, which brings 25% more screen over 45 minutes of the feature.

At CES, a TCL it also announced similar models in terms of technology, but with versions even smaller if your pocket and your living room do not support 60-70 inch TVs. We talk more about both 4K models, C715 and C815, Next.

TCL C715 and C815

TCL C715 and C815 (Reproduction: TCL)TCL C715 and C815 (Reproduction: TCL)

THE TCL C715 be available in 65 ″, 55 ″ and 50 ″, with the same technologies as X915, that is, Quantum Dot, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, are present in the most accessible models. In addition, TVs have voice control, a feature they classify as “Full-Screen Design” and an operating system Android TV. J a TCL C815 be available in 75 ″, 65 ″ and 55 ″, a version of the above (with Quantum Dote Dolby), but still have the audio system Onkyoborrowing from the model X915.

CES 2020: TCL (Reproduction: Future)CES 2020: TCL (Reproduction: Future)

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At the conference itself CES 2020, there was also a quick mention of two projects, one 5G cell phone with foldable screen and a glasses called Project Archery 2.0 one wearable to design a TV up to 100 inches on your wall.

With the announcements, TCL televisions will meet next generation of consoles, which should start at the end of this year, since several of the products support frame rates in 120Hz in 4K. They will also be able to work with update rates to optimize content, bringing fluidity between cutscenes and the images of the gameplay itself. O THX Certified Game Mode a partnership with the cinema company (THX) that will be launched with the products of TCL.

Both the X915 as both 4K will be available on the second quarter of 2020, first in Australia and Europe and then in other regions. What did you think of the news TCL? Are there enough reasons to make you switch TV to enjoy the video games released this year?

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