CES 2019: LG presents scrollable Smart TV during conference

CES 2019: LG presents scrollable Smart TV during conference

With the name of Signature OLED TV R, LG presented the world's first scrollable television

Directly from Las Vegas, the LG presented its news in CES 2019, focusing on several products.

Among the highlights, the world's first scrollable TV was presented, and also the first 8K OLED TV Korean brand. Smartphones were also remembered. Check out a summary of all the news:

LG scrollable TV is already a reality

After launching a 2.57 mm thick television, the company was determined to innovate again. Many rumors involved the company, but now we can say that they have been confirmed. With the name ofLG SIGNATURE OLED TV R, the company defined 2019 as the year in which it presented the world's first scrollable TV.

LG Signature OLED TV R

Possessing three scroll modes, you can configure the television to fully display the screen, or just part of it. These modes were named: Zero View, Line View, and Full View.

In mode Zero View the screen is hidden, and the TV acts as a stereo, using the Dolby Atmos audio system with 4.2 channels and 100W of power. Here's how it works:

LG Signature OLED TV R

J in modeLine View, the screen is minimized, showing only information such as weather, time, music, and information about connected devices. Check out how this works in practice:

LG Signature OLED TV R

And in mode Full View, a screen fully displayed for users, allowing images to be displayed with all the contrast, depth, and realism that the LG imagined for your consumer.

LG Signature OLED TV R

Having a screen OLED's 65 inches, the company announced that this television model will hit the market later this year, but the price was not revealed that this product would have.

5G a priority

The company did not show a new cell phone, and the smartphone that was shown was the V40 smartphone, launched in October 2018. The company has a new target for its cell phone market.

LG during CES 2019, announcing partnership with QualcommCompany wants to be the first to launch a 5G compatible smartphone

In partnership with Qualcomm, LG stated that will launch a model of smartphone with the new processor Snapdragon 855. Compatible with 5G, the advantages are 4K / 8k streaming, low latency, downloads and many innovations to connect all types of electronics to the internet (IoT). The company representative spoke about this moment:

"Be in no doubt, 5G will hit smartphones in 2019, and LG and Qualcomm are at the forefront of this innovation."

The company wants to be one of the first to launch a smartphone compatible with this new network.

The evolution of the ThinQ platform

Last year, the LG managed to connect several products through artificial intelligence called ThinQ. This year, all LG products will feature a renewed AI (artificial intelligence) platform, which already has Google Assistant, allowing integration with products from other manufacturers.

LG at CES 2019Recognition will help preserve products

Named for LG Proactive Customer Care, and announced during CES 2019, this proactive maintenance service and care of LG electronics warns the user of device problems, and facilitates access for repair, or if necessary, technical assistance.

In one example, the LG alerts you when you need to change the water filter, and the washing machine can alert you that too much detergent has been added for washing.

LG ProductsService that will help preserve the life of the device

It is available for household appliances, such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, and stoves. It is worth mentioning that for this functionality to be activated, it is necessary that the devices need to be intelligent (connected). For now, this service will only be available in the United States, and there are no plans to arrive in Brazil.

HomeBrew also appeared at the LG conference

Announcing this product since last year, the Korean company has finally launched its brewery.

Remembering the traditional coffee machines, to be able to produce beer at home, you simply put it in the HomeBrew capsules that have malt, hops oil and various flavorings, and let the machine work. This whole process is done automatically.

LG HomeBrew BreweryLG brewer can work automatically

Despite having the place and wait process of traditional coffee machines, she is unable to work at the same time as coffee makers. To produce about 5 liters of beer, the HomeBrew takes two weeks to complete all this manufacturing process.

This is because the fermentation time is really high, but it may take longer depending on the type of drink you put in for the brewer to produce.

LG HomeBrew Brewery

To deliver a quality beer, the machine controls 3 points: first it controls the proportion of the ingredients, and it also leaves the ideal temperature for an optimal fermentation. Finally, it also performs a pressure control to maintain the gases in the drink.

All in all, this brewer can produce 5 types of beer, they are: American Pale Ale, English Stout, Belgian-style Witbier, Pilsen and American IPA. It cannot be opened during the manufacturing process, so the LG developed an app that informs in real time the stage where the production is. The price of HomeBrew has not been revealed, but it should start selling in January.

Styler inaugurates a new way of ironing clothes

Looking a lot like wardrobes, and even having the height of the object we put our clothes on. That Styler, the clothes press where you're going to have the immense job of just having to put your clothes on, and then just let her work.

LG Styler

At the door, there is a kind of press that passes the wrinkled clothes on a hanger, and you can do other tasks Styler does all the work. Unlike HomeBrew, this product is already is being sold, and can be found (for now, only in online stores outside Brazil) for $ 1,700, about R $ 6,350.00 in direct conversion.

The company's first 8K OLED TV

Possessing artificial intelligence, it processes content of all resolutions and image quality, also improving sound. This was named by LG as “Content Optimization”, realized with the power of the second generation Alpha 9 processor.


With the touch of a button, the TV recognizes the environment it is in and adapts the sound according to that space. This allows for better use of the television, since the best audio can be delivered.

As we said, all LG TVs with ThinQ AI already have Support for Google Assistant. But now, the Alexa, gives Amazon (one of Google’s main competitors), is also arriving on LG TVs.

LG at CES 2019Apple AirPlay support a reality

And speaking of news, it was also announced that TVs gives LG released this year Support to Apple Air Play 2, and to HomeKit.

With that, users can play videos that are on iTunes or other applications, as well as music and photos, directly from their Apple devices.

Talking about support for HomeKit, it will be possible to control the TV through the Home application or through Siri, Apple's personal assistant.

The company also pointed out that both Nano Cell and OLED TVs will have Support to the standard HDMI 2.1, which will allow higher video frequency rates.

Only the first day

This was just the first day of conferences, and the LG warned all journalists that present more noveltys during CES 2019. Including news for the line of robots, white goods, tablets, and 5G smartphones.

There are rumors that the company will present a flexible smartphone during this technological fair, so only time will tell if this will be confirmed or not. Showmtech will be present every day of CES 2019, and bring all the news directly from Las Vegas.

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