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CES 2019 has 29 categories to reward innovations; check out some examples

The ETUC, Consumer Electronics ShowIt is an international technology fair that gathers innovations from all scientific fields and every year rewards companies and their inventions.

As of January 2019, there will be 29 award categories including smart homes and cities, computer accessories, 3D printers, games, robotics and drones. Check out all categories on the CES website.

One of the most interesting categories is drones and robotics, inventions range from autonomous robots to drones and smart skateboards. One of the robots that gained prominence this year the Vector.

Developed to be a helpful companion at home, it's very different from the idea of ​​life-size human robots that accompany you on a daily basis, it fits in the palm of your hand, and is capable of simple tasks such as counting down, telling the temperature, show hours and some interactions with the owner.

An interesting detail is in Rob's eyes, which has been programmed to pass emotions, take a look at the video below.

Still in the awards category for drones and robotics, there are inventions that are able to greatly help in human work. This is the case of this octacopter capable of flying for 45 minutes with loads of up to 30 kg.

This drone was made thinking of tasks in the field and so robust. Although very useful, it may not be as interesting as the electric skateboard with artificial intelligence. The motorized skateboard is able to receive commands to start walking and to stop the movement.

In the video below, some skateboarders test the gadget and seem quite impressed with its usability.

There are still some innovations involving smartphones, putting the LG V40 ThinQ and its five cameras up for grabs, and even the Nvidia video cards that brought real-time ray tracing technology to video games this year.

The long list can be found on the CES website. As usual, next year (in January) we will bring news of the event and you can keep an eye on everything that will happen at the conference here in the Connected World.

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