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CES 2018: Seagate, Dell and SanDisk Showcase New Storage Solutions

One more day, another batch of news straight from Las Vegas, where the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 It's happening in full swing! This time, let's take a look at the area's releases. storage, with participation of some of the most renowned brands in the sector. Let's go?


The American company presented the new Seagate Fast SSD, an external SSD drive focused on performance and accessibility. Underneath the refined design we have a memory that reaches speeds of 540MB / s (read) and 520MB / s (write) and is already formatted in exFAT ie ready to work on Macs and PCs worldwide.

Seagate Fast SSD External SSD Drive

It connects via USB-C, and Seagate provides a USB-C to USB-A cable for computers not yet providing this interface. In the US, Fast SSD cost $ 100 (250GB), $ 170 (500GB) and $ 350 (1TB) when released in the spring of the northern hemisphere.


LaCie Rugged Secure External HD

THE LaCie, Seagate's upscale subsidiary, is presenting two very interesting news. The first is external HDD Rugged secure, focusing on extreme durability (it can withstand impacts up to 1.2m in height and crush a one-ton car, for example) and protect your data (the encrypted drive content). The only 2TB option would cost $ 140 at the time of its spring release.

LaCie DJI Copilot External HD

Finally, LaCie is also announcing, in partnership with the drone manufacturer DJI, O LaCie DJI Copilotis a storage solution designed for imaging professionals (especially those using drones). In addition to a 2TB internal drive, the accessory has an SD input whose contents can be transferred to internal storage with one click and a battery that can even be used to recharge mobile devices.

Copilot exits for $ 350 and also be released in the spring of the northern hemisphere.


THE Dell They are also announcing an external drive, but unlike Seagate, the idea here is not to direct their efforts to the general public, but to performance-hungry, advanced users. O Dell Performance Portable SSD It is a beautiful and extremely compact (only 16mm thick) accessory that connects to computers via the Thunderbolt 3 interface.

Dell Performance Portable SSD External SSD Drive

Your speed? The recording can reach a whopping 2,650MB / s, with the reading exceeding that number a little. Awesome, isn't it? The beauties begin to be sold on February 28 in the USA, by $ 440 (500GB) and $ 800 (1TB). it doesn't hurt to dream


The queen of the pendrives is presenting at CES only one prototype, but a truly formidable prototype. It is the world's smallest 1TB USB stick! Take a look:

World's Smallest 1TB USB Flash DriveD to get a good idea of ‚Äč‚Äčits size considering the USB-C tip

The pet features a USB-C interface and is not much different in size from the ubiquitous 16GB or 32GB USB sticks that we see for the only difference, even in its capacity that surpasses or matches most computers today. It is good to remember that there is a Kingston competitor who has already surpassed this mark about a year ago, but compared to the SanDisk prototype, he is a brick without elegance.

There is still no prediction as to the availability of the new SanDisk creation, but considering that the prototype was working perfectly in the presentation, it should not be long before it comes to market. However, prepare your wallets, because it won't be cheap