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CES 2018: Colgate launches smart toothbrush in partnership with Apple

THE Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 It just started and we are already seeing amazing products, with unthinkable technologies that bring innovations to our daily lives.

Taking advantage of the event, the company well known in the area of ​​oral hygiene, the Colgate, just revealed a partnership with Apple to launch its “smart” toothbrush!

Colgate Toothbrush E1

THE E1 It has been developed with dentists, scientists and users to take oral hygiene to a new level. It has several 3D motion sensors to map your mouth and then make use of artificial intelligence algorithms to provide real-time feedback for brush enhancement in “16 areas of your mouth”.

Colgate Toothbrush E1

From the Bluetooth connection and a Colgate Connect App brush application, you can access information about your brushing habits, such as which areas you need to focus on more while brushing your teeth and various other information including The monitoring of the whole family.

Colgate Toothbrush E1

For the child, there is even a game in which a pirate picks up coins as he brushes his teeth, which is sure to further encourage little ones in this habit.

E1's artificial intelligence was created in partnership with Kolibree and, as you use the brush, the more data it can offer about you. Basically she understand your needs to help you. The coolest thing is that data is integrated with frameworks from Apple ResearchKit and CareKit, which can help experts increasingly understand consumers' brush habits.

Colgate Toothbrush E1

The brush is light enough for use by adults and children; your battery lasts about ten days on one charge and you can buy refills to change the brush tip (sold with three units for $ 20). The E1 itself begins to be sold today in the United States by $ 100 exclusively at Apple's (physical and online) stores.

via MacRumors