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CES 2016: Samsung presents image and sound news for 2016

Samsung announces new line of SUHD smart TVs, soudbar with Dolby Atmos technology and new colors for Wireless Audio 360 series

smt-samsung-P0Samsung announces new line of SUHD smart TVs, soudbar with Dolby Atmos technology and new colors for Wireless Audio 360 series

CES is a great opportunity for companies to announce the news that will integrate their portfolios during the year. Like Sony, the Samsung also presented – during the press conference held on Tuesday (5) – a series of novelties and technologies that integrate the products of Image and sound of the company throughout 2016. Check out some of them:

New line of SUHD smart TVs


At SUHD smart TVs 2016 Samsung promise to offer more image quality due to its quantum dot screen (Quantum dots 10-bit). The design stands out for presenting, for itsfirst time, a screencurved without border. The devices will also feature the new version of the Smart Hub, a platform that connects several smart devices, which will make devices capable of controlling devices such as video games, Blu-Ray players, set-top-boxes, among others.

The novelty of SUHD smart TVs 2016 was awarded the UHD Premium Certification gives UHD Alliance (UHDA). The certification reserved for products and services that comply with performance standards defined by the organization with regard to: image resolution, High Dynamic Range (HDR), peak lighting, black levels and range of colors, among other important aspects. Ocertified UHDA The most reliable identifier for checking UHD image quality.

In addition, new devices will feature the technology IoT hub , which allows the TV itself to act as a controller for the entire smart home,being able to connect and control more than 200 devices compatible with SmartThings.The new feature also improves the entertainment experience, allowing consumers to program settings according to their convenience.

Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar

THE Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar the first to introduce the technology Dolby Atmos of the company and the first package of soundbar industry to include two wireless rear speakers, offering 5.1.4 channel sound. At just 2.1 feet tall, the device uses 3 forward-facing and 2-up speakers to produce a richer, more complete sound. O soundbar also connects wirelessly to separate drives subwoofer and rear speakers (for surround sound), dispensing with the installation of speakers on the ceiling to obtain 3D audio.

Samsung Wireless Audio 360 in new colors


Based on its Wireless Audio 360 series, Samsung it also introduced new colors and patterns for the devices. With technology Ring Radiator (exclusive to the company), the audio can be placed anywhere in the room, that the sound fills the environment. The device also offers new smart home functionality, including sound notifications and home cinema settings. R5 of the series Wireless Audio 360 was also recognized as an honoree in the CES 2016 Innovation Award.