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CES 2015: Nvidia shows Tegra X1 in-car entertainment system

Nvidia shows its informative entertainment system Tegra X1 for automobiles.

Nvidia shows its Tegra X1 information entertainment system for automobiles

Cars will be much more fun in the future. The high resolution and graphic quality of Nvidia are coming to replace the outdated informative entertainment(infotainment – in English)automotive. Shown in CES 2015, new technology launch fair, the automotive system uses the new chip Nvidia Tegra X1 the first chip Teraflop for mobile devices.

Called a “super chip for mobile platforms”, the Tegra X1 provides a powerful amount of processing to boost the intelligence and utility of automotive entertainment and navigation aids. With a capacity higher than last year's model (Tegra K1), the new processor capable of producing stunning graphics displayed on displays scattered around the car.

Apparently, the Nvidia intends to replace almost all the buttons and panels of the car. Functions such as air conditioning, glass lifting and video and sound systems will be dynamic and actionable via touchscreen panels.

Furthermore, the system is able to manage and display real-time data about vehicles and signals around them. Traffic sign colors and signs are detected by external cameras that are classified and displayed with information on the panels.

Remote functions will also be possible. As in the picture above, you can use your smartwatch or phone to start your car from a distance (useful for heating the car's engine in places where there is snow) or already inside it without the need for keys.

The graphics platform is capable of displaying high resolution videos both for playing movies and for displaying three-dimensional GPS navigation maps.

Watch the video below and see what the future holds:

Source: The Verge.