centenary of Brazilian artist wins Google Doodle

Athos BulcĂŁo: centenary of Brazilian artist wins Google Doodle

The centenary of birth of Athos Bulcão is honored with Google Doodle this Monday (2). The artist, who died at the age of 90 in 2008, was famous for creating the tiles of panels of tourist spots in Brasília. For this reason, Doodle pays tribute to Athos with the searcher’s logo written in a stylized manner, similar to the art he painted on tiles.

When accessing the search site, the name of Google is displayed with the «play» button in place of the second letter «O», inviting the user to click on the logo. When this is done, the GIF image starts to show color illustrations of different tile patterns by Athos Bulcão.

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Google Doodle honors works by Athos Bulcão – Photo: Reproduction / Google

Athos Bulcão worked with celebrities like Cândido Portinari, João Filgueiras and Oscar Niemeyer. With the latter, in particular, it helped in the development of the Brazilian capital in the second half of the 1950s, so that its colorful tiles are present in panels of various tourist spots in Brasília. Portinari, on the other hand, was a kind of teacher for Athos, during the period when he worked with the painter as an assistant in the panel of the São Francisco de Assis da Pampulha Church in Belo Horizonte.

The best known works of Athos Bulcão can be seen in constructions such as the panel of the Church of Nossa Senhora de Fátima, or in the self-relief on the outer walls of the Claudio Santoro National Theater. In addition to his work with tiles, Athos also studied drawing in Paris, France, and here in Brazil he participated in the development of illustrations for magazine covers, catalogs, books, records and even scenarios for plays.

1 of 1 Google «invites» user to click on Doodle with play button – Photo: Reproduction / Google

Google «invites» user to click on Doodle with play button – Photo: Reproduction / Google

Many works by the plastic artist are known to the general public, since he was enshrined in urban tile panels that can be seen by anyone walking through the streets of Brasília, Belo Horizonte or Rio de Janeiro. In the last years of his life, Athos contracted Parkinson’s disease and died at the age of 90 from cardiac arrest in Brasíllia, the city where he lived since he participated in its construction.

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