Cell phone use by Americans is more frequent than ever, study reveals

Cell phone use by Americans is more frequent than ever, study reveals

It feels like an automatic movement: you are doing nothing and / or in a boredom situation and mechanically put your hand in your pocket or purse to, in a matter of minutes, dive into a window into the world better known as smartphone. How many times do you think this happens to yourself each day? It may be difficult to measure (or not, as we will see below), but the fact is one: the average is rising rapidly.

How did you bring CNET, Deloitte released this week a study focused on American users of smartphones and mobile devices and, in it, a fact that draws attention: the number of times that Americans check their devices a day is greater than ever. The media reached 52 times a day in 2018 a considerable leap from the 47 times average recorded in 2017.

The data starts to look even more worrying when we realize that, among all the individuals interviewed, 40% admitted that they use their smartphones "too much"; 60% of users between 18 and 34 years old said they were addicted to the devices. In addition, 63% of respondents said that they are trying to limit the use of mobile devices, but only half of them are getting it ie the real problem.

Although the data refer only to the USA, where 85% of the inhabitants already have a smartphone, it is not difficult to assume that a similar scenario is taking place in Brazil or in basically any country in the world. Not least: the infamous mobile devices, as Deloitte puts it, have become for good and evil a kind of epicenter of our lives, where we carry out tasks of all types and natures.

Fortunately, companies (encouraged by institutions like Time Well Spent) have paid more attention to this phenomenon and have included ways to monitor / control their use of mobile devices in their own operating systems. We have a very complete guide on how to use the Usage Time, from iOS, in case you are interested, he even tells you exactly how many times in the day you checked your iPhone / iPad, so you can compare your habits with the US average. Feel free to share your media with us in the comments.

Usage Time on iOS 12

Still according to Deloitte, other segments of mobile devices have a much softer popularity. The use of smartwatches it grew by 1% and now devices are adopted by 14% of Americans; the tablets, in turn, they were expensive – 62% of Americans had one in 2017, and now it is only 57%. The smart speakers, in turn, grew from 12% to 20%.

In terms of resources, the use of digital assistants, like Siri, grew 11% compared to 2017. And Americans are connected to new technologies: 60% of respondents stated that the inclusion of 5G on your next smartphone "reasonably" or "very important" in the decision of the next purchase, that is, it is good for Apple to decide soon which way it will take in this story.