Cell phone starts selling tomorrow!

Panduan lengkap Galaxy S5: Ponsel mulai dijual besok!

It should be no surprise to anyone that the Galaxy S5 will arrive 24 hours late in Brazil, right? Both Samsung and mobile operators in the country hold the launch until the last minute, which is to increase users’ anxiety and, of course, pre-order orders for the device.

However, as the world launch happens today, here at AndroidPIT you can check out a guide with everything that has already been published about the flagship of the South Korean manufacturer.

Have you decided on the Galaxy S5?

galaxy s5 watermark 18

The Galaxy S5 arrives at national retail the day after the worldwide launch of the device! / © AndroidPIT

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most anticipated devices for Android smartphone users in the country and, even having already received a stability update before launch, the Galaxy S5 has more relevant features than its predecessor and can be purchased for R $ 2,599.00.

So, if you are a Galaxy S5 enthusiast, you should check out this guide with everything you need to know about the device before you buy it (or not) tomorrow!

Galaxy S5 Hands-On

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S5 during MWC 2014, in Barcelona, ​​and with it brought features such as the digital sensor, an optimized camera and improved the UI of its skin TouchWiz.

On the occasion, we had the opportunity to get our hands on the device and identify the main features of Sammy’s current premium smartphone.

Check out the video below hands-on Galaxy S5 and, for more information, access the device test.

Link to the video on YouTube.

Galaxy S5 features

Digital reader, S-Health and heart rate monitor, download accelerator, battery saving mode and other features are not lacking in the Galaxy S5.

The cell phone offers a snapshot of everything we’ve seen on the market and then some.

Here you can check the main software functions of the S5.

galaxy s5 watermark 6

S-Health now has an ally in controlling users’ heart rates: a monitoring sensor. / © AndroidPIT

Galaxy S5 low power mode

One of the most impressive features of the Galaxy S5 is, without a doubt, the fact that the device can withstand up to 24 hours at 10% of the battery level.

How is this possible? Watch the video below and understand the reasons why the low power consumption mode is one of the great differences of this device in relation to the competition:

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Watch the video on YouTube

Galaxy S5 comparisons

To find out if it’s really worth investing in this phone, comparatives are a good option, so we put the Galaxy S5 side by side with its predecessors and even among the competition.

Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4

Is it worth the exchange? My colleague Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4.

galaxy s4 s5 comparison

If you have a Galaxy S4 you may be able to skip the Galaxy S5. / © Samsung Mobile / AndroidPIT

Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S3 was on the crest of the S2 wave and certainly put Samsung in a very privileged position in the global smartphone market.

Something that the Galaxy S4 left behind last year.

So, how about seeing if it’s really worth switching from S3 to S5? To do so, check out the comparison between these two devices.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S5 S3

On the one hand the new and on the other the innovator: who will win? / © AndroidPIT / Samsung

Galaxy S5 vs Xperia Z2

During MWC I had the opportunity to test the Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2.

Although both manufacturers have remained in the comfort zone, Sony seemed to me to be the company that brought a more compact smartphone to the market in 2014.

Find out what my impressions were about the differences and similarities between these two devices.

teaser galaxy s5 xperia z2

Samsung or Sony, which of the manufacturers made the best smartphone in 2014? / © Sony, Samsung, AndroidPIT

Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S

One of the classic comparisons not to be missed in this guide is that of the Galaxy S5 with the flagship of Apple.

This year, the two devices have the same letter and the same number in the name, but the similarities end there.

Check out who takes the lead in the comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S.

samsung galaxy s5 iphone 5s

Both devices have the infamous digital reader, but is the feature really worth it? / © AndroidPIT

Galaxy S5 vs Competition

The Galaxy S5 will finally reach the national retail, and like every long-awaited device generated opinions of all kinds.

So before you sleep in line at a store to be the first to get your hands on this smartphone, take a look at what Samsung’s new flagship has (or doesn’t have) compared to its main competitors.

comparaison s5

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs The Others! / © AndroidPIT

Galaxy S5 Extra Applications

One thing is for sure, Samsung wasted no time in throwing its flagship into the sky.

The manufacturer decided to offer third-party applications that would normally be paid as a kind of «gift» to the future owners of this device.

The curious thing is that the package can reach the value of 575 dollars – approximately R $ 1270 – if the user purchased it separately.

Check here the list of extra apps for the Galaxy S5.

How to turn your Galaxy S4 into S5

Let’s say you have read the comparison between these two devices and decided to stick with the Galaxy S4, be aware that a large part of the Galaxy S5’s features can now be added to its predecessor.

Using some tools it is possible to transform the S4 into the S5, click here and find out how to do this.

How to root the Galaxy S5

Advanced users will also like to know that the Galaxy S5 root is now available even before the device is released.

The developer Chainfire already published the file CF-Auto-Root on XDA Developers, through which we can root this device without any problems.

We tested the tutorial here at AndroidPIT, check the explanation of the whole process.

root samsung galaxy s5

If you can’t stand being without administrative access to a smartphone, know that the root of the Galaxy S5 is easy to do. / © AndroidPIT

Stay tuned in our coverage of Samsung’s flagship, as there are still many features and applications to be unveiled.

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