CEiiA delivers the first 100 units of the Athena Ventilator to hospitals. More than 400 are in production

CEiiA delivers the first 100 units of the Athena Ventilator to hospitals. More than 400 are in production

Ventilador Atena aims to respond to the national, but also global, emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic. CEiiA guarantees that the equipment has all the functional requirements defined for the treatment of patients in acute respiratory failure. The model fits into the genre of the most advanced and complex lung ventilators available, designated as invasive.

The equipment, whose prototype was conceived in about three weeks, through the recommendations and guidelines of the World Health Organization. It is estimated that 14% of those infected with COVID-19 contract pneumonia and 5% become critical, requiring sources of external ventilation to breathe.

When it was introduced, the Athena Ventilator also stood out for its intuitive use, as well as its rapid mobility to respond to the needs of patients, wherever they are. In addition, it promises to be safe and easy to clean and decontaminate, allowing you to work continuously for at least two weeks, 24 hours a day, before its maintenance. It was also designed to be compatible with other medical components.

During the presentation of the fan in Matosinhos, Antnio Costa praised the team's work, referring that "CEIIA transformed science and the Portuguese industry in 45 days", cited by TSF. He also guaranteed that the ventilators produced will enter a hospital unit, also highlighting Portugal's response to the pandemic, stating that it gave 10 million euros as a global response COVID-19. He added that more contribution from national production is needed in these protective materials.

Antnio Costa considers it essential that Portugal is not too dependent on "a completely unregulated and wild market" in obtaining masks and fans. And when patients reach the intensive care stage, it is necessary to ensure that there are no shortages of fans.

Editorial note: Prime Minister Antnio Costa's statements were added during the presentation of Ventilador Atena in Matosinhos.