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CBS CEO says Apple would have put its video streaming service “on hold” [atualizado]

The CEO of CBS, Les Moonves, I had already kind of stuck my tongue in my teeth "confirming" rumors of a new service streaming Apple's video preview, so far, to be released in 2016 according to some sources.

Now, the executive himself threw a bucket of cold water at the rumor. Speaking at the IGNITION conference, Business Insider, Moonves once again reiterated that there were talks on the subject but that the project would have been put “on hold”By Apple (for whatever reason).

Obviously, Moonves can only claim based on Apple's dealings with CBS. There is nothing to stop the project from continuing, but that Apple has in fact put the talks with CBS aside while resolving other aspects of its future service.

Even so, the executive is convinced that the thing will happen. According to him, Apple and CBS were negotiating channel packages costing between $ 30 and $ 40 a month. "People won't continue to spend money on channels they don't want to watch," said Moonves.

After Apple Music, an equivalent Ma service for videos really makes perfect sense. it's just a matter of time.

(via iClarified)

Update · 12/09/2015 at 18:30

O Re / code today brought more information about the rumor, stating that the impasse as it would always be in what Apple thinks consumers want in the face of the interest of major TV networks.

While Apple would be proposing a small package of channels at $ 30 a month, the major networks do not want to give up their bundles complete. In the case of a 21st Century Fox, for example, Fox, Fox News, FX channels and Fox Sports would come.

In Apple's view, anyone who wanted extra channels could choose to pay more for it. This is a paradigm that the company may be able to break, just as it did in 2003 when it started selling individual tracks of music albums for $ 0.99 each through the iTunes Store.

all an arm wrestling dispute, after all