Catalyst will receive more developer support and features, Apple promises

Catalyst will receive more developer support and features, Apple promises

THE Mac catalyst (Apple seems to have abandoned the “Project Catalyst” nomenclature once and for all) arrived with macOS Catalina with the optimistic promise of bringing iPad apps to Apple computers while giving developers the least amount of work.

Users can already enjoy the first fruits of technology, such as the new Twitter app and many others we have already listed. Not everything, however, has been totally quiet, for example, many professionals have already expressed a certain dissatisfaction with the power of Catalyst and Apple's lack of support in the app transition process. This, however, may be about to change.

In a report from CNET, the director of product marketing for macOS at Apple, Todd Benjamin, said Ma has plans to add new features and provide even better support for developers who want to port their iPadOS apps to macOS.

In the words of the executive:

For many of the early developers who took advantage of Mac Catalyst, it was their first time developing a Mac application, and amazing what they were able to do in such a short time. We are learning a lot from these avant-garde players, and we are planning a number of additional features and support to help them create amazing Mac experiences with the help of Mac Catalyst.

Unfortunately, Benjamin did not specify exactly what kind of features or support these would be; In any case, the line indicates that Apple is paying attention to the developers' return and, to some degree, concerned with providing a positive experience in the process of porting iPad apps to the Mac.

The executive added that Mac Catalyst has the most to gain from users, as the technology potentially gives new life to the MacOS app ecosystem.

Our vision for Mac Catalyst has always been to make it easy for any iPad app developer, small or large, to bring their creations to the Mac. This allows them to have just one source code and a development team. Mac Catalyst gives iPad developers a huge advantage and, for many, an opportunity to expand their domains to the Mac platform, something they have never had before. This is not only beneficial for developers, but also for users, who benefit from accessing a whole new selection of great apps and experiences straight from the vibrant iPad ecosystem.

Beautiful words, in fact, but that alone do not mean much to see if Mac Catalyst really brings all this magical vision of Apple to the world, we will have to wait for the next chapters of this story. Opinions?

via MacRumors