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Catalyst Project: Apple May Launch Mac Shortcuts and Messages Apps

O Marzipan Catalyst Project are between us. In it, as we have already explained, apps built for iOS / iPadOS will be easily transported to macOS, making life easier for developers.

Learn more about the Catalyst Project, which decreases the flight between macOS and iOS

Currently, there are four native apps on macOS that already benefit from this initiative: Bolsa, Voice Recorder, Home and News, they should even get some news on macOS Catalina 10.15. But according to developer discoveries Steve Troughton-Smith, there is more coming through.


Even though the Shortcuts app (Shortcuts) got some good news on iOS 13, it hasn't officially come to macOS. I mean, not yet, since the developer's findings do point that way.

Shortcuts in macOS + Creating, editing, saving, executing and deleting shortcuts. 😃

Troughton-Smith stated that Catalina includes all frameworks Shortcuts, including those needed to open your user interface almost completely.

In case anyone else wants to play with Shortcuts in macOS Catalina, I took my project to GitHub. Not really usable, but a start github/steventroughtonsmith/shortcuts-iosmac


MacOS already has a native Messaging app (Messages). However, it is limited if we compare its counterpart on iOS. Perhaps because of this, Apple may be considering bringing the iOS messenger to macOS using the Catalyst Project as a base.

That's because, in Troughton-Smith's words, "there's so much evidence in Catalina that they (Apple) are working on a full version of Catalyst-based Messaging, much like Mac Shortcuts."

He then decided to do the same thing he did with the Shortcuts app: he put his hands to the ground and, using the frameworks, “Brought the app to life”.

In this UIKit based version, we can find the effects of iMessage (something that currently doesn't exist in the native app for macOS).

And just for reference: This is not a “Marzipanified” version of the iOS Simulator Messaging app. This is the “native” Catalyst user interface, coming from the macOS 10.15 system frameworks. Just like Shortcuts, everything is there and it works, especially if you know how to talk to it.

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Are we facing two news of macOS Catalina 10.15 not commented by Apple (because they are not yet ready)? Or is that none of this get ready in time, so Apple didn't want to present everything at WWDC19?

What's more, is it just a test of Apple and the Catalyst Project as a whole, without the purpose of actually launching such apps for the desktop operating system? Time will tell; we'll see

via 9to5Mac