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Catalina Brings Expansion Slot Utility Back to macOS

Do you remember the Expansion Slot Utility (Expansion Slot Utility)? The native OS X app was intended for old users Mac pro allowed the configuration of PCI-Express expansion cards in the slots of the machine so that you could, for example, assign more bandwidth to one of the slots (that was housing a graphics card, for example) instead of letting the system perform the distribution automatically.

The utility, however, was discontinued more than a decade ago, when Apple launched the 2008 Mac Pro model that machine, unlike its predecessors, had slots with pre-specified functions rather than modular openings for any components. Now, with the upcoming release of the new Mac Pro, the Expansion Slot Utility It's back.

Developer Steve Moser discovered, bypassing the second beta version of macOS Catalina 10.15, that the utility will actually be reinstated to the system in its new version. This was expected: the 2019 Mac Pro, after all, brings eight slots expansion parameters.

Because the utility is only compatible with the new Mac Pro (and the computer has not yet been released), you cannot open it to explore its possibilities. The intrepid developer Guilherme Rambo, however, managed to overcome some of these limitations to get some details about the "new-old" application:

MacOS Catalina Expansion Slot Utility for the new Mac Pro.

From the images captured by Rambo, it will be possible, as before, to activate the automatic setting for the slots or manually assign bandwidth to each of them. The utility can also warn the user when one of the expansion cards is not performing at its best, giving tips on how to fix this issue (either by assigning it more bandwidth or moving it to another). slot inside the machine).

Ta: One more reason to be sad that we had $ 6,000 to spend on the little machine.

via 9to5Mac