Cases for iPhone SE

Cases for the new iPhone SE are “launched”; AirPods Pro silicone tips can now be purchased separately

The second generation of iPhone SE is between us. With him, of course, Apple also “launched” its famous cases, after all the devices are not at all cheap and protecting them becomes almost an obligation for many people.

But you must have noticed the quotes in the title and paragraph above, right? Yeah. That’s because the physical structure of the second generation iPhone SE is basically the same as that of an iPhone 8, so in fact Apple didn’t have to launch anything at all – it just changed the name of the cases that were previously intended for the iPhone 8 to the new SE, that simple; the company even confirmed to the The Verge that if you have a case for iPhone 8, you don’t have to worry because it will fit perfectly in the new device.

Cases for iPhone SE

Their prices remained the same: R $ 300 for the silicone model and R $ 400 for leather – in the United States, US $ 35 and US $ 45, respectively. What changed was the color offering; we now have only three options for each model: pink, white and black sand for silicone; midnight blue, black and red for leather.

It is worth noting that, although the iPhone 8 Plus has been discontinued, the cases for it remain on sale at the Apple Online Store – probably as long as stocks remain.

AppleCare +

Good news for those who buy iPhone with AppleCare + (Apple’s extended warranty that also protects against accidental data, still unavailable in Brazil): previously sold for $ 130 (iPhone 8), it now comes out for $ 80, a 39% reduction!

AppleCare + extends the standard warranty from one year to two, and offers coverage for two incidental damage incidents by paying $ 30 (for screen damage) or $ 100 (for other damage). Even though it is not sold in Brazil, Apple supports iPhones with AppleCare + here.

Silicone tips for AirPods Pro

Another accessory that Apple has started to sell separately now are the silicone tips of the AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro silicone tips

You choose the pair size (small, medium or large) and pay R $ 70 to receive everything at home. In the US, the pair goes for just $ 8.

Wheels for Mac Pro

Since the launch of the Mac Pro, Apple has given the option to customize the machine with the expensive casters instead of the fixed feet. Today, this accessory started to be sold also separately.

Mac Pro caster kit

The problem, of course, remains the price: in Brazil, the kit costs a modest R $ 7 thousand (US $ 700 in the USA). You can laugh. ??

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