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Cascadia Code, Microsoft's new source

Microsoft makes its new source available, with features that can help programmers.

Microsoft has been bringing new releases in full swing, either with extra functionality, to the Windows platform or making some of its products available for Linux, or even helping projects, as in the case of Linux Foundation. Now announced a new source, with a well-defined target audience.


Named as Cascadia Code, Microsoft's new font was created to help programmers. The program manager, responsible for Windows Terminal, Kayla Cinnamon (please do not confuse with the Linux Mint graphical interface, sorry for the bad pun) recently announced on the Microsoft developer blog the new source.

In May of May there was a vote on Twitter, in order to get a name for this new source, the winner was Cascadia Code.

The main focus is to make life easier for programmers, as the source is designed for solutions that target this audience, such as Windows Terminal, Visual Studio Code, etc. In a way the name Cascadia is a tribute to Windows Terminal, which in its development kept the same code name. In fact, there are still codes inside the Microsoft terminal with that name.

Cascadia Code supports programming font ligatures, which is a useful way of writing code, as they create new glyphs by combining characters. This makes the code more readable and easy for many programmers to understand.


Visual Studio Code users will need to manually enable font ligatures through the publisher settings, and other editors that support use.

microsoft-windows-terminal-visual-source-ttf-cascadia-code-programmer-open-source Cascadia Code is the standard monospaced Windows Terminal font, but it can be used in any other project. Microsoft made the source available under license SIL Open Font (OFL)being open source, and available to everyone in the Github from the company. The source can be used for other media if you wish, if you do not want to compile, Microsoft has also made it available in TTF format. You can download by this link. _____________________________________________________________________________ See any errors or would you like to add any suggestions to this article? Collaborate, click here.