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Carriers may soon block calls through WhatsApp!

WhatsApp's link function has already gained many users, especially after it has integrated a data usage reduction option. Predictably, operators are not happy with this, and should plan to block WhatsApp's call function. The biggest sign of this is that the application itself is already preparing to warn users of the change. See below for more details.

The Italian team responsible for translating WhatsApp (in this case, the Windows Phone app) received new phrases that reveal WhatsApp's preparation for blocking its call function by operators. The document can read messages such as:

  • You cannot make a call because your mobile network probes calls through WhatsApp. Try connecting to Wi-Fi and call again.
  • Your mobile carrier does not support calls through WhatsApp. Try switching carrier or connecting to Wi-Fi network.
  • The {0} mobile carrier or Wi-Fi network does not support connections through WhatsApp.
whatsapp calls carriers
WhatsApp prepares for carrier blocking. / Aggiornamenti Lumia

In Brazil, telecom operators wanted to provide the competent authorities with a document with economic and legal justifications against the operation of the WhatsApp calling function. The main argument of the companies concerns the link of the registration in the application to the telephone number of the users. Each year, operators must pay Anatel taxes on each line granted.

Do you often use WhatsApp's call function?

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