Carnival: Google Maps wins electric trio

In preparation for the holidays, Google has provided a fun feature in Google Maps that allows you to swap the traditional icon that indicates the route on the map with a colorful electric trio.

“Starting this week, by navigating Google Maps on mobile (Android and iOS), it will be possible to replace the icon indicating the route on the map with a colorful electric trio. The app will offer three types of customization. The feature, listed in Brazil, is only available in car mode, ”says the company.

The map service will also signal and send notifications of which streets will be closed during the Carnival in So Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

Who uses public transport in these cities, the platform will show the main changes in bus routes.

You can also discover blocks or other events happening nearby with the help of Google Maps, Google Assistant, or the newly launched Search event experience.

“On Maps, you can find the main street blocks of Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo. As the path of the blocks is highlighted on the map, it is easier to find the location, ”explained the team.

Through Google Mobile Assistant, users can discover blocks from various cities across the country. In partnership with Grupo Mexerica, you just have to say: Ok Google, talk to street blocks and just choose which one is more your face.

You can also browse events directly on Search, such as shows in So Paulo, and see a list of recommendations announced by various websites. The newly launched experience is available on mobile (Android and iOS).