CarKey coming around? New digital key pattern for cars is launched

Since last February, there has been speculation about a new technology that is being developed by Apple to open and start vehicles with the iPhone and Apple Watch, called CarKey.

The Apple technology, however, uses a specification developed by the group Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) call Digital Key – whose second generation was officially launched and made available to members of the consortium (which include, in addition to Apple, Audi, GM, BMW, Hyundai and Volkswagen).

Digital Key uses NFC technology for mobile devices to store, authenticate and share digital vehicle keys in a safe and, of course, practical way. Among the advantages of this standard are end-to-end encryption and low power support (similar to the Apple Pay power reserve feature).

In addition, the CCC is already developing the third version of the standard, which will implement the use of Low Power Bluetooth (Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE) and Banda Ultralarga (Ultra-Wideband, or UWB) to provide access from spatial recognition.

Naturally, it will be up to Apple to choose, deploy and enhance the features provided by the CCC standard at CarKey. In this sense, it is expected that the feature will also be activated by proximity (from NFC readers), so that the user must authenticate through Face / Touch ID.


Despite the announcement made by the consortium, it is not yet clear when Apple plans to announce its feature, but the forecast is that iOS 14 will bring the first news of this technology; in addition, BWM may be the first automaker to adopt this novelty.

via MacRumors