Cargo with counterfeit AirPods valued at $ 4,000 is seized at the U.S. border

Not so long ago, we commented on the apprehension of dozens of AirPods and Lightning cables in the United States and we already have another news of another action of the Customs and Border Protection agents (US Customs and Border Protection, or CBD) against the piracy of iGadgets in the country.

According to a new publication by the agency, a package from China was intercepted at US customs after the cargo documents identified it as “lithium-ion battery contents”. When the agents decided to confiscate the package, they found about 25 boxes of AirPods – all counterfeit.

CBP officials inspected the package for information related to the admissibility of its content, according to the agency’s procedures. It was during this inspection that they noticed that the quality of the packaging and the marking of the items were not consistent with that of a legitimate product. The suspicion was confirmed and the items were delivered for destruction, according to the protocol.

According to CBD, shipments like this are generally carried out on a very large scale and it is likely that these AirPods were shipped in small batches to reduce the likelihood of inspection.

Counterfeit AirPods

Still according to the information, the retail price suggested by the manufacturer for the cargo products, if they were authentic, would be $ 4,000.

When criminals sell these items, it prevents legitimate companies from thriving. Unfortunately, many citizens are unaware of the harmful effects that counterfeit products have on American companies and jobs. American companies and industries lose billions in revenue annually due to counterfeiting and the public is put at risk with unsafe counterfeits that may not meet security standards.

Agency data shows that, during the 2019 fiscal year, about 27,600 shipments containing counterfeit goods were seized – less than in 2018, when 33,810 seizures were made. However, the total price suggested by the manufacturers of the confiscated goods was higher: around $ 1.5 billion in 2019, compared to $ 1.4 billion in the previous fiscal year.

Not surprisingly, mainland China and Hong Kong are responsible for importing more than 90% the total value of counterfeit goods seized.

via CNET