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CareOS Smart Mirror Uses AR to Test Different Hair Styles

THE CareOS, a company based outside Europe, wants to create an entire connected platform for beauty and home sales with its smart mirror Artemis, presented at CES 2019.

The mirror uses augmented reality (AR) to do things like "try on" a variety of different hair colors for their reflection. It can also integrate with brands to enable shopping as well as show video tutorials on how to apply the product the person is buying.

In addition to facial recognition, Artemis features voice commands, a touch-free user interface to prevent it from getting dirty and 4D Visualization which allows it to capture 3D images of the face There is also a function for children, which uses a combination of artificial intelligence (AI), facial recognition and intelligent lighting to help children brush their teeth properly.

Each person can have their own account on their device, allowing them to view their calendar, or to favorite radio stations or check the weather.

CareOS said it is working to make Artemis collect data that can detect if something is wrong with your posture or skin and, if anything is actually detected, connect you with a doctor.


Company showed off its new products at CES 2019

The mirror is not yet for sale, but CareOS expects brands of hardware be interested in your smart mirror ecosystem and work with it to bring it to homes and businesses around the world.

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