Care tips to take with your iPhone at the holidays

This time of year is one of the most reported cases of accidents with iPhones and why not, iPods touch. With the cell phone it is more frequent, because we are always with it close, even during the parties. Therefore, some basic care is necessary so that the hangover of the first day is not even greater.

Tip # 1 – Do not leave the appliance on the supper tableIt’s party and joy, but not always the place closest to us is the safest for the iPhone. Never leave the appliance on the table for food or drinks. There will always be that brother-in-law who will accidentally bump into someone’s glass and wet part of the table. And according to Murphy Research Institute, there is a 98% chance that your iPhone will be in this part.

Tip # 2 – Do not put the device in your shirt pocketEspecially for men. It is common to wear a dress shirt at these events and her pocket is the preferred place to put the iPhone. But after a few glasses, a visit to the bathroom is inevitable and that is where the danger lies. When we tilt the body to lower the lid of the toilet, the chances of the appliance falling into it are very high and it has happened to many people. So, avoid it.

Tip # 3 – Don’t go to the bathroom with the applianceSince the number of iPhones in the toilet increases at this time of year, simply avoid taking it, even if that moment is your favorite to read emails or use twitter. Better to prevent.

Tip # 4 – Beware of pool bathsIt is also very common, at some point during the party, for friends to start playing each other in the pool. If this starts to happen, the first thing to do is to place your device in a safe place, preferably in a drawer or closet. If, before taking this care, you are taken by surprise, shout “I can’t wet the iPhone! I can’t wet the iPhone!“. I advise you to write it down on a paper and decorate it before the party, because at the time it is common to give it a blank and we don’t know what to say.

Tip # 5 – Don’t take your iPhone out to seaIt seems funny to give an almost absurd tip like this, but it happened last year. ? When entering the sea to take the traditional leaps in seven waves (or any other typical ritual of this time of the year), do not take your device, even if you don’t plan to get wet above the knee. Leave it with someone you trust to stay on the sand or just don’t take it to the beach.

Following at least these tips, the chances of an accident happening with your estimated device are greatly reduced. If you also have any tips for growing the list, you can leave it in the comments of this article. ?