Screenshot do app CardioBot - Heart Rate Tracker

CardioBot is a simple application for Apple Watch that makes a history of your heart rate

Within Apple's proposal to transform its smartwatch into a complete health and body monitoring device, a series of applications try to complement the watch's native functions with others that go beyond, offering detailed information on a number of aspects of the user's body functioning . Of these, one of the most interesting CardioBot, from developer Majid Jabrayilov.

CardioBot - Heart Rate Tracker app icon

The operation of the app is very simple: every four minutes, it records the user's heart rate, saving the history in an interactive calendar on the iPhone. From there, it is possible to have an overview of your cardiac behavior: each day it is gray for low activity, blue for “rested”, orange for moderate activity and red for high activity.

Ringing in the day, the app lists all measurements with their respective colors, so that you can map the moments of the highest cardiac elevation which is normal, for example, at the gym, but it can be a good alert if it happened at a time of tension at work.

In the watch itself, it is possible to check the numbers of the last measurement and the average, maximum and minimum frequency of the day. Also for him you can press the screen with force to activate the sleep measurement if you have the habit of sleeping with the Apple Watch, CardioBot makes these measurements too and puts them in a separate category. You just have to turn the mode off when you wake up, which can be annoying.

CardioBot is available on the App Store for $ 3. For those who want to have a greater level of control over the behavior of their own bodies and, frankly, I think we all should, a very interesting purchase.

[via MacStories]