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Cardhop, popular contact manager, wins iOS version

Who follows the h longer (and fascinated by management software) you should remember that in 2017 we release the app launch Cardhop for macOS. Just over a year later, the popular contact manager now debuted on the iOS App Store.

For those who don't remember or have never heard of it, then (re) I present you the Cardhop: created by Flexibits, the same developer of the Fantastical calendar app, the manager enables even greater interaction with your contact calendar on macOS (and now on iOS) from quick and customizable actions, as we'll see below.

Of course, some say that the Contacts app (Contacts) native enough for its use, especially in macOS. However, there are users who perform various tasks on their mobile devices and occasionally find themselves “blocked” by the native iOS app. In some cases, Cardhop can circumvent these restrictions by expanding some options.

In this sense, in addition to making calls (FaceTime or common) and sending messages (iMessages and SMS), Cardhop also supports third party services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Skype, Viber and Twitter. The Recent tab displays more than the last calls: it includes which actions and apps have been used, so you can access it again with just one tap.

Just like in macOS, you can type in a person's name followed by their email and Cardhop will add this information to that contact on the iPhone / iPad. By typing “call so-and-so”, the app automatically calls, as does a virtual assistant.

To the delight of dark theme lovers, Cardhop has a variety of styles, including an option to combine two themes if you want, say, to have the contact list displayed in a darker tone and the contact card in a darker color. clear.

Cardhop also supports Siri Shortcuts, allowing you to automate various actions with your contacts and integrate them with other applications. The manager also offers a space for notes (more dedicated than the one in the Contacts app) and personal business card (with QR code), through which you can share your most relevant contact information with more convenience.

Finally, Cardhop supports specific directory searches such as Google Contacts, G Suite, and Exchange, allowing you to quickly download contact information from your accounts on these services. An update to Cardhop on macOS today also brings this search option to Macs.

Unfortunately, the app does not support portuguese, so let's hope they will soon update the product with even more languages.

Cardhop app icon

Cardhop app icon