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Card Crawl a card game that you have to play

Meet Card Crawl, a strategy game that is very diverse.

If you have a style of game that I like best, no doubt about it is card games. One that I play since childhood Yu-Gi-Oh!, whether with physical cards, video games, or simulators. I am so in love with this style of game, I have already created several card games and boardgames as a teenager, and I currently develop one.


Before I talk about the game, I want to make it clear that this post has no sponsorship or the like. I just like this one app, and after I started using it as a pass-time, I pointed it out to some family members and now I'm writing such a post. I was delighted with the simple but at the same time sophisticated proposal. The simple and complex classic with intuitive player mechanics is challenging as you gain more gaming experience.

Card crawl

Gambling is about going against your own deck (deck). Your goal is to end the cards of the deck and maintain at least 1 hit point. By default there are 54 cards, in a mix of monsters, items and effects. By combining their actions logically, it is necessary at some point to sacrifice their own greed or life. For, at the end of each game, a ranking shows your score and the amount of coins collected.


By collecting these gold coins, you can unlock 35 more skill cards, allowing you to hone your tactics and improve your records.

They are several game modes and with an average duration of 2 – 3 minutes, some more challenging matches can last for up to 5 minutes. A great casual game while you wait in a bank row, in an office, and the like. Some modes require internet connection, others do not.

Download and try Card Crawl

The game is available for Android, iOS and even have a PC version on Steam. However, it was only ported to Windows and macOS. For Linux users who don't want to play via Android, SteamPlay can be a solution, however, there is no reports from other users on the site protondb.

It is worth mentioning that iOS and Steam versions are paid. On Android the game is offered for free, but with in-game purchases. So far I haven't had to spend a dime playing, but I know some people don't like these microtransactions (I'm one of those, but I didn't feel obligated to do that during my games).

Above are all download links if you want to install via QR Code, use a reader QR and install by aiming the camera of your Android device in the following image.


Highly recommend the test! Card Crawl is very fun and challenging, a real one now just relaxing at the end of the day.

Learn more about game for this link, O your developer's blog It has interesting information and eventually it addresses its relationship with Card Crawl and development. Join our Diolinux Plus forum. So you always stay on top of news, can suggest and know games with our community.

See you next time post, I wait for you here at Diolinux blog, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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