Capturing the screen with OBS Studio on Wayland

Plugin allows OBS Studio to be used in Wayland sessions.

One of the developers of the GNOME project, the Brazilian Georges Stavracas, has created a screen sharing plugin that makes it possible to use OBS Studio on systems running the graphical interface through Wayland.

Wayland is a graphical server, which is the guy responsible for drawing the image you see on your screen. If the distro you use makes use of GNOME as a graphical interface, it is the graphical server that causes this graphical interface to be displayed on your screen.

Most Linux distributions nowadays default to another graphical server called This is a very old project, and it was precisely in order to create a more modern and easily developed software that Wayland was created. That said, the idea that Wayland might be able to replace on all systems, if that is the wish of the developers.

So that you can better understand what a graphics server, as well as what Wayland and are, I strongly recommend watching the following videos. This way you can make the most of the information in this article.

Although most Linux distributions still use the server graph as standard, some distros such as Fedora and even Debian (on which j speak in this article) already make use of Wayland as the primary graphics server. Wayland is already in an advanced stage of development, and is perfectly capable of meeting all the needs of a large number of users. However, there are still some important details that need to be improved so that Wayland can replace on a larger scale.

One of these details is that it is impossible by default to use screen capture software such as OBS Studio while using Wayland. To solve, or at least work around this problem, Brazilian GNOME project developer Georges Stavracas has developed a plugin that makes it possible to capture screenshots with OBS Studio by using the system through Wayland.

It is the obs-xdg-portal plugin. The plugin in question is already embedded in the back in the OBS Studio Flatpak, and for USER it, everything you need to have software installed on this verse. To install OBS Studio on the Flatpak version you can access its page on Flathub, or simply run the command below.

flatpak install flathub com.obsproject.Studio

If you don't know what, or how to work with Flatpaks, check out our tutorial about the subject. Remember that after you have installed the support Flatpak, be necessary to add the Flathub repository, which can be done with the following command: The video below, produced by our friend Leandro Ramos, shows the working plugin as well as how to use it.

This is a temporary solution, but it has been very effective. The natural way that, over time, the development of both Wayland and the applications themselves will make this compatibility happen natively.

However, while this does not happen, we can fortunately rely on people like Georges, who are always willing to help the community, and to provide solutions as we are presenting to them today.

Have you ever tried or tested Wayland? Or is this your first time hearing about him? And you, who already have a little more advanced knowledge of the subject, do you think Wayland will really replace altogether someday? Tell me more in the comments!

For more information you can access the official post obs-xdg-portal plugin, written by the developer himself. Do you like Linux and technology? Got a question or problem you can't solve? Come join our community in the Diolinux Plus!

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