Capture lysergic photos formed by emojis with the Emojivision app.

Taking high-resolution photos with perfect sharpness on your smartphone is a thing of the past, right? No, no, but you might want to vary in a few moments and give it a touch that is more delirious to your catches. There are many apps for this, one of them, newcomer, the Emojivision.

The app has a very simple proposal: to turn your iPhone camera into a landscape composed only of emojis, with stickers of different colors coming together to make a visual representation of what the lens captures. Of course, in most cases the photo is almost unintelligible, but no one using the app is really concerned about realism. I think.

Emojivision app icon

Created by the developer Gabriel OFlaherty-ChanEmojivision comes with some built-in visual options, so you can choose from emoji themes such as sports, sea life or red objects. In addition to capturing images directly from the app, you can also import previously taken photos to convert them to the app's look.

Underneath the simple and playful proposition, however, is a very complex running engine: the app can capture the chromatic information from the image and replace it with emoji near those colors, basically in real time. The “transformed” images are displayed at 60 frames. per second, which basically corresponds to your view of an ordinary camera. Awesome, isn't it?

Emojivision is freely available from the App Store and one of the styles can be used freely; To release all other themes, you need to make an internal purchase of $ 7.90. Did you like it?

via TechCrunch