Capture long exposure images without a tripod with the Specter app

Capture long exposure images without a tripod with the Specter app

There are thousands of photography apps on the App Store. Undoubtedly, we are talking about one of the best-filled segments of the store. One of them is the acclaimed Halide Camera and, when its creators decide to launch another app, we have to pay attention.

Specter Camera app icon

O Specter Camera has one goal: to help you with the task of capturing images of long exposure. Do you know that picture in which a crowd disappears? Or the one in which the headlights of cars form a river of light? Or maybe the waterfall that looks like a painting? So, this!

The major difficulty in being able to capture such good images lies in the fact that it cannot keep the camera steady. Also, I need to make a good light adjustment to achieve such an effect. The Specter takes care precisely of these points, using and abusing artificial intelligence. Instead of a continuous photo, the app captures hundreds of photos over a few seconds and brings it all together so that you can hold your iPhone instead of having to use a tripod or something to maintain perfect stabilization.

All photos captured by Specter are saved as Live Photos. Thus, you can view the end result as a still photo or view the entire process of exposure from start to finish by adjusting it within 3 to 9 seconds.

The video below gives us an idea of ​​what the app can do:

This app beauty only costs $ 7.90 on the App Store and is compatible with iPhones 6 or higher running iOS 11 minimally. Features like scene detection, however, require iOS 12 just as stabilization via artificial intelligence requires at least an iPhone 8.

via MacRumors