‚ÄúCapture‚ÄĚ anything with the Yeti app

‚ÄúCapture‚ÄĚ anything with the Yeti app

Our photos and videos go to the Photos application, audio is saved in the Recorder and notes / drawings are in Notes. Every time we want to create new files or access the ones already stored, we need to go to each of these apps. In these cases, the ease of the application Yeti helps a lot.

Sorry, app not found.

Through a simple interface, the main screen of the Yeti has four colored buttons in the center with the capture options: photo / video, audio, note and drawing. These can also be accessed through the Notification Center or via 3D Touch. The fact that there is no Mac app does not hurt, because everything captured is automatically saved in iCloud and can be accessed on OS X through iCloud Drive. Notes are saved as TXT; photos, such as JPG; udios, such as M4A; and videos, like MOV.

The captured files can be accessed in the small cloud cone in the left corner of the main screen. And in the right corner, there is a gear to access the settings. If you want to send a file to another application, you can do it using the ‚Äúshare‚ÄĚ button on the screen when viewing any file.

Unfortunately, there is still no possibility to capture fragments from other applications and send them to the Yeti. Despite this, his simplicity and speed are very welcome.

And the promotional video until it's funny:

Perhaps only an interface adapted for iPads was lacking.

[via MacStories]