Canonical wants to know which apps you want in the Snap Store

Searching through the Snapcraft forum, Canonical wants to know which apps would be interesting to have in the Snap Store.

Many know that Canonical has been investing heavily in its Snap packaging format, so you can distribute programs on Linux regardless of the distribution you choose. The effort has brought some fruit so far.

Canonical wants to know which apps you want in the Snap Store

Some apps have an official Snap version, such as Skype, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Telegram, Krita, LibreOffice, Spotify, Inkscape, Slack, Opera, OnlyOffice, VLC Player. These are just a few.

To further broaden this range of apps offered, Snacraft's official Twitter profile asked which apps we would like to see in the Snap Store, requesting suggestions to be sent there on their forums.

And that's exactly what I did (). I joined the forum (made a quick account there) and left my suggestion list of apps that I think are interesting to have in the Snap Store and that would help bring more public to break Linux. My list was:

– Google Chrome;

– Telegram (with correction of accentuation part);

– Lutris;

– Gimp (officially supported by devs);

– FreeOffice (SoftMaker);

– App of WhatsApp (not based on web version);

– OBS Studio (officially supported by devs);

– Steam (officially supported by devs);

– Audacity (officially supported by devs);

– Kdenlive (officially supported by devs);

– Krita (officially supported by the devs);

– App of Google Drive (not web version based) (officially supported by devs);

– App of Netflix (not based on web version) (officially supported by devs);

To my surprise, the head of the Snaps, Alan Pope, answers me. At first being very cordial and then speaking that the listed applications are also identified as important by Canonical. They are already in touch with their upstream devs, also saying that some devs are not yet ready to distribute their Snap applications. He finished by saying that they are working to make it happen.

I recommend that everyone who can go there and leave suggestions (in a cordial and polite manner) of apps they would like in the Snap Store. You can even comment that themes get ugly in snaps (). To access the Canonical forum, just access this link. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum.

Hope to see you next, a big hug.

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