Canonical Lists Most Popular Snaps

Canonical balance shows the popularity of Snaps by Linux distribution.

Unsurprisingly, Canonical, the Ubuntu-responsible company, has recently been investing in its software packaging format, Snap. Now the company has made a balance showing which are the most popular Snaps in major distros.


In order to observe the use by different users of Snap programs in various Linux distributions. Canonical analyzed some numbers and learned about the top five user packages for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Arch Linux and Manjaro. The following is a simple table detailing each distribution's preferences and their users.

Arch Linux CentOS Debian Fedora Manjaro Ubuntu
spotify wekan spotify spotify spotify vlc
code lxd lxd vlc code spotify
skype microk8s firefox code slack skype
disagree spotify nextcloud postman disagree chromium
slack helm pycharm-community slack skype canonical-livepatch

Look at the table above, and notice several apps in all distros analyzed. Some in high positions, some not so high, and very specific cases. With this Canonical concluded that:

  • We love music, because Spotify is on all lists;
  • We want to contact acquaintances, whether for work or pleasure. Skype or Slack are on 4 of the 6 lists;
  • There are distributions that are mostly used for work, such as CentOS;
  • Snaps from web browsers such as Chromium and Firefox are famous among Canonical format users;
  • Ubuntu users are interested in the Livepatch feature.

You can check out Canonical's findings in more detail directly on his blog. Access this link and check it out. If you would like to suggest something or give us feedback about Snaps, access the Snapcraft forum and give your opinion. Another interesting detail is the ranking of the distribution users who install the most Snap packages. I took a Snapcraft print demonstrating the use of Discord by country and distribution. There is currently no possibility of gauging the numbers (a pity). top-list-snap-popular-canonical-ubuntu-debian-hundreds-arch-linux-fedora-majaro-discord-snapcraft-country-users-distro

Interestingly some of the apps listed in the table above are installed on my Ubuntu. Even not using so many Snaps, some applications are very practical to get in this format. However, it is evident that much has to be improved. The mindset of those who package some programs is also a highlight. I speak specifically of Telegram, which does not offer the common accents in our Portuguese language. After all, English speakers are not the only ones using Telegram.

On the other hand, updates on Telegram are automatic, not falling behind the version distributed on the site. J apps, like Mozilla Firefox, take up to weeks after launch. Anyway, that the format evolves more and more (and who keeps the packages too).

Do you have any of the listed apps installed via Snap on your system? Leave your opinion and share your experience with the format.

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