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Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld: update brings 65 new levels

From today the candy Crush for Android received a update that expands (and greatly) the game. In the dream world you will find new challenges, stories and special effects.

candy crush saga traumwelt teaser
The popular game brings 65 new levels. / King

If you have already played all 50 levels of the original version, the adventure is no longer here. In this parallel world, a magical version of the traditional game awaits you, much more dreamlike but sweet just the same.

candy crush saga traumwelt screenshot 01
The sweet dreams of the new levels. / King

Odus, a little owl, explains to the player at the beginning what is in this world, from star dust to moonlight explosion. Your task is to remove the maximum of candies of the indicated colors, otherwise Odus loses his balance and you lose the level. If you fill the moon counter, you can play in a special mode with two colors and extra points.

candy crush saga traumwelt screenshot 02
If Odus loses its balance, you lose the level. / King

The game modes and objectives of the original also remain in the dream world. As said, there are 65 new levels that can be played from your Android and synced with your Facebook account to the pc.

candy Crush Saga
Install on Google Play

Have you tried the new verse? What did you think of her?

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