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Can the Moto G 2014 last 30 minutes underwater?

Ten months ago, we decided to submerge the Moto G for 30 minutes to see if the device could withstand the crash even without IP 67 certification. The device resisted bravely. Now it's time for Moto G 2014. Is it after a shower of just over 30 minutes that the second generation of Moto G – which is not waterproof on paper – comes out alive to tell the story?

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While Lollipop does not arrive, we decided to take a bath in Moto G 2014! / ANDROIDPIT
<p><strong>ATTENTION! Do not perform this procedure at home. If you immerse your Moto G 2014 in water, the device may stop working. Neither I nor AndroidPIT is responsible for damage to your device if you perform this procedure.</strong></p><div class=

The test was performed under the same conditions as above. I will not tell the end of this movie. Watch it and then tell us what you think (including possible reasons for the test result) in the comments below, ok?

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