Can Android GO Save Weaker Smartphones?

There is a big problem with the massive evolution of technology, the devices we use today end up being outdated much more often than we would like, making especially not-so-powerful smartphones unusable over time.

Android GO, which Google announced earlier this month, is a lighter, more compact version of the operating system intended to meet cheaper handsets with lower technical specifications.

This version of Android is designed to run on devices with up to 1 GB of RAM, also taking up less storage space and of course with more limited features. The idea of ​​the company is that anyone can have a "Google experience" without buying a more expensive Smartphone, at least as Arpit Midha, product manager at Google and Android GO, says.

To avoid confusion among consumers, Google has decided to issue a certificate to companies that decide to use Android GO, this certificate, to be included in the box, must be achieved through testing that devices must pass, including performance testing, in addition. , virtually all apps are suffixed with "GO", such as "YouTube GO", "Gmail GO", etc.

Currently Android GO based on Android 8 (Oreo), but probably with the arrival of Android P we will have news.

Interestingly, several low-cost handsets sold in Brazil can benefit from this "lite" variation of Android, such as some Positivo, Alcatel and Multilaser models, which have already announced their intention to work with this new Android variation. To cite some closer examples, but Google says more than 100 manufacturers around the world have shown interest in Android GO.

Solving some problems

Android GO does have the potential to mitigate some upgrade issues on older devices, but nothing seems to be 100%.

One of the impediments to upgrading older devices is that newer versions of Android tend to be slightly heavier than older versions of certain hardware, however, even with Android GO, the notorious fragmentation also occurs as time goes by, as that performance is not the only obstacle.

You can learn more about the Android GO on this site. Interestingly, even if you buy a sturdier device with "normal Android", if you wish, you can install several "GO Apps" directly from Google Play. But doubtless, would you buy a smartphone with Android GO?

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