Camera Clip is another Trygger project that has a polarizing filter for photographs

THE Trygger was responsible for Camera Case, an interesting product that equips the iPhone with a polarizing lens, capable of making the photos taken much more real.

Now, the company comes with an even more elegant and practical solution, which simply fits on the side of the smartphone.

Camera Clip

THE Camera Clip a small accessory that resembles an olloclip, which we have already analyzed here at .

However, instead of bringing three different types of lenses, it has a filter that helps prevent polarized light from reaching the iPhone's photographic sensor.

Check out a promotional video:

You can purchase Camera Clip by investing at least US $ 30 (plus US $ 10 for international shipping) in the project on your Kickstarter page.

To become a reality, the accessory still needs to raise more than $ 5,000 in the remaining eight days.