Camera Cardboard: Google app brings new experience with your Android camera

Camera Cardboard: Google app brings new experience with your Android camera

Virtual reality glasses have not yet set in motion, with some companies like Samsung and Oculus launching larger express devices, either for standalone use or coupled with a smartphone. The fact that Google also has a good liking for technology, so much so that it created a low-cost version of a virtual reality glasses, Cardboard.

With Google's sunglasses and your smartphone you can download some apps and experience some of the technology. And now Google has released a new app in the Play Store called the Camera Cardboard, which allows you to capture 3D panoramas for viewing in virtual reality glasses, especially Cardboard.

The operation of the app is very simple, on the home screen you can check some example images, also capture a new image, as if you were making a common panormic photo.

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Camera Cardboard / ANDROIDPIT home screen

After finishing the image capture the application makes the final assembly so that it can be viewed perfectly on Cardboard. With the 3D effect when opening the photo in VR mode, the closest objects in the image actually seemed closer to the user, while distant objects appear to be really further away, giving an immersive effect of virtual reality.

Capturing the image similar to the Photo Sphere effect, which allows you to capture images in 360 degrees, but on the Camera Cardboard the captured image is only panormic, but still allows the recording of ambient audio along with the image.

Camera Cardboard takes approximately 33 MB of space and runs on any device running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher, according to Google, but devices with more modest hardware may take longer to process captured images. In our tests the app ran without gagging on a Galaxy S6 Edge, but we noticed a slight warming up of the device, indicating that the processing capacity greatly required.

Cardboard Camera
Install on Google Play

Have you tested the app? What did you think of him?

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