California Police Arrest Gang That Stole Apple Stores

California Police Arrest Gang That Stole Apple Stores

Finally, a ray of hope: after more than a dozen cases of robberies to Apple stores reported by us over the past few months, it appears that the California (where most cases are happening) managed to get his hands on some suspects involved in the wave of robberies.

As the KRON4, 17 (!) Suspects were arrested in the last few days in the cities of Oakland, Alameda and Sonoma, and they are believed to be linked to the bandit network that has organized the robberies at Apple Stores. As the city police department said, "prisons are linked to large-scale crimes that have been committed across the state of California" in total, such occurrences have been reported in 19 state counties, not just at Apple stores , and losses already exceed US $ 1 million.

Another 9 arrest warrants have already been issued and the police are still searching for the suspects. They will be accused of conspiracy to commit major robberies, a crime provided for in the US criminal code, and the penalty that can be attributed to suspects if they are found guilty is not yet known. We also do not know if the arrests have to do with the fact that one of the bandits in one of the recent cases was captured during the escape.

More information on police action will be released soon. Finally, we hope that the news is the beginning of a reversal in this wave of thefts, the situation, after all, is (or was) getting very complicated. Will take!

via MacRumors