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Calendars wins app for watchOS and Siri Shortcut support; FiLMiC Pro, Snapchat, and CleanMyMac X are also updated.

We're here again to bring you the most relevant updates and news from the last few days on popular apps from App store! Let's go to them.


Readdle Calendars 5 app icon

Readdle has brought two cool news to one of the best calendar apps available on the App Store.

YES! Calendars 5 adds support for Siri Shortcuts and brings a beautiful Apple Watch app to help you fly through your daily tasks.

Among Siri Shortcuts supported by the app, you can ask assistant to show the day's events, the next event, create new event or task and directly open the monthly, weekly or daily views. You can record your own commands to the wizard in the application settings.

Regarding the Watch app, it allows users to create events with voice or scribbles on the screen, and view lists of events or tasks and complete them right from their wrist. The app also supports several complications that you can include on the watch faces.

Calendars costs $ 25 on the App Store.

FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro app icon

One of the premier professional iPhone apps has, in turn, gained a feature that should greatly please filmmakers and aspirants who use it: LogV2 curved support during recording, which significantly increases the dynamic range of the captured image.

With the breakthrough, iPhone footage gains up to 2.5 extra dynamic range stops, generating sharper images with enhanced contrast and less noise. In addition, the update brings new optional packages with default color settings from professional editing apps such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X.

Want more? The update brings an increase of the target bitrate in maximum movie quality, and RGB channels can be viewed in a new chrominance waveform mode.

FiLMiC Pro costs $ 55 on the App Store; The package containing support for the new LogV2 can be purchased within the app for another $ 55.


Snapchat app icon

The former future major social network in the world has also gained some interesting news in their main app. Snapchat introduced in the update the so-called Lens Challenges, augmented reality lens-based social tournament species of the app.

With the new feature, obviously designed to increase interaction with the app, users can take on challenges and share results with the Snapchat community; the first challenge launched is to sing a verse of Jingle Bells and show the result to your friends.

Snapchat Lens Challenges

To access Snapchat's challenges, simply tap the emoji icon next to the firing button on the app's camera. There you can also see other users paying doctor performing the same challenges. 😜

CleanMyMac X

We have talked several times about the CleanMyMac Here on the site, a great application for those who want to keep their Mac organized, "clean" and optimized.

The recently released CleanMyMac X has now come to version 4.2 (named after Bradley Spence) with great news, including Spark email client attachment cleanup (previously limited to Apple Mail), large HDD / External SSDs, ability to delete chunks of Time Machine backups to free up space, install system updates (previously working only with apps), and iOS device monitoring via the menu bar icon.

CleanMyMac X 4.2

Searching for unwanted items now extends to a few more types of garbage (more specifically, leftovers from development such as logs Xcode simulators and caches In addition, CleanMyMac X officially authenticated by Apple as software that has no malicious components is important since the application cannot be distributed to the Mac App Store because of its nature, which violates Apple's guidelines and rules. Ma for dealing directly with some system files.

CleanMyMac X is available for Macs running macOS 10.10 and costs $ 156.80 (one-year subscription) or $ 353.04 (one-time purchase) There are other options with progressive discounts (for two or five Macs).