Calendarium, Sinking Feeling, Linguist and more!

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Speaking of dates, meet the Calendarium, an app that tells the story of each day – created by the people at Idea Studio and our highlight of the day.

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The application presents historical data, sunrise / sunset times, length of day and many other information in a calendar, making your experience with dates a real educational moment.

Find interesting information and share it with your friends and family via social networks!

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Below are other applications / games that together add up almost R $ 83 discount:

IOS Apps

Sinking Feeling app icon

Falling and scoring.

Cross Shooter app icon


Remote Control app icon for Mac - Pro

Control your Mac.

Skywall Pro app icon - HD + Wallpapers


Interplanetary III app icon

Space missions.

Nebo app icon - Take effective notes


Tiny Defense app icon

Strategy game.

MacOS app

Linguist app icon: Easy Translate App

A translator.

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Take advantage of the offers, the holiday and have a great weekend! Ah, remembering that they are always for a limited time, so it’s good to run! ?