Caixa Tem app gets update and is also compatible with iPhone

Caixa Tem app gets update and is also compatible with iPhone

IPhone users who are entitled to Emergency Aid offered by the Federal Government can now access their Caixa Econômica Digital Savings account through iOS.

The application Box Has it was not yet adapted to the Apple system, leaving thousands of users without access to the benefit.

This Friday (1), Caixa Tem for iPhone was finally updated and now works “normally” on the iPhone.

The lack of compatibility was severely criticized here at BDI earlier this week. Caixa responded to us saying that the app was already in the process of being approved by Apple, and it was released this Friday.

The application is now compatible with iOS, however, it is still subject to connection problems at times of many simultaneous accesses, as it already happened on Android.

Emergency Aid from the Government started to be distributed in mid-April and many beneficiaries had problems registering a bank account to receive the amount. With that, Caixa Econmica creates in these cases a digital savings account, to make the deposit.

This digital account can only be accessed directly through the Caixa Tem application, which until today was unavailable to iPhone users.

As we have already said, it is a common mistake for some people to think that anyone who uses iPhone should not be the beneficiary of the aid. But not everyone who owns the Apple device paid R $ 8,000 for it: many use the cell phone because they bought it used, or it was provided by the company they worked for. No d to create judgments without knowing each other's case. And not allowing access to the benefit to this portion of citizens is not correct. Fortunately this flaw has been fixed.

The application Box Has for iPhone can be downloaded at this link.