Bye ! as Android O will support all emojis

The Android team is thinking about emoji fans. Six months ago, I published an article about why we see little squares instead of emojis in a WhatsApp conversation, for example. Due to a compatibility issue, Android often ends up behind. However, the new version of the system will bring the solution to this problem.

According to an Android Developers blog post, when an agency or developer prepares an app to support Android O, they will have a library called EmojiCompat, which wants to keep devices running on Android up to date with all available emoji.

In the graph below we have a brief explanation of how the system works. Where previously there was support for a specific Unicode library, now we have the EmojiSpans, which implements emoji without the need for an updated Unicode library:

emojicompat android o
The boxes will be converted into emojis / Android Developers

This will make Google platform users not have to wait for operating system updates to get the latest emoji cataloged by Unicode. Thus, even if your smartphone does not recognize a picture, a box will not appear in the image location.

ios 84 android 4 latest release
Six months ago, 84% of Apple users had support for the latest illustration catalog, already on Android only 4% / Emojipedia

However, developers still need to implement the EmojiCompat in your applications, otherwise it will not be (it is possible to use it. As soon as Android O is officially announced, and more devices receive this update, we will really know how this function will work.

But I'm glad to see that Google is rushing to keep up with its biggest software competitor: iOS.

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